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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Ozzy has a beautiful voice and I love to watch him perform. He has a beautiful family, crazy but just a normal family that are real and not fake acting people. Alot of singers familys act phony, but not this family. Yeah they cuss alot but geeeez, you know you do too lol. My husband is the one that got me interest in listening to and watching Ozzy videos back in 1998. Its weird because growing up kids listened to Ozzy and I didnt like it. Actually the looks of Ozzy scared me when I was younger if you could beleive that. I was told he beleived he was the devil ect...... Hey I was a kid lol. Im 39 years old now and I know it wasnt true. My family loves Ozzy. To me Ozzy and his family is a part of my family. I even have a 16 month old granddaughter. Her name is Faith and when we are watching ozzy videos on our big screen tv and loves it she loves the music and to watch So see everyone should be an Ozzy fan. I know I am proud to be one. Hugzzzzzz


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