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Sep 14
The Last Word: Ozzy Osbourne Interview in Rolling Stone

For nearly five decades now, Ozzy Osbourne has cultivated one of the most singular careers in music. He helped lay the foundation for heavy metal with Black Sabbath; he ushered in a new, more energetic sound for the genre on his early solo albums with the late Randy Rhoads; he helped make reality television what it is today by putting his family on the small screen with The Osbournes; and he provided a platform for up-and-coming heavy bands with his many installments of Ozzfest. Through it all, he’s kept a wry sense of humor and a rare humility about him. … While he was in a reflective mood during his interview with Rolling Stone, the singer shared the wisdom he’s learned from half a century of living on the edge.

What’s the best part of success?

Not doing a job that you don’t really want to do. You can’t say what I do is a job – it’s a fucking gift from God.

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Image by Mark Summers for Rolling Stone