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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because I have grown up listening to OZZY in the solo years. Black Sabbath was a great era for the OZ-man, but the solo career has been better than all of the careers of the young lads trying to make rock music today. I always have an OZZY CD in the car. When I finally get an iPOD that my kids won't take from me every day, I will have ALL of the OZZY songs with me. When I want to get started for the day there is no better riff master than Zakk. Thank you for joining OZZY during "No Rest for the Wicked." ZAKK has been the ROCK that keeps the ROCK in OZZY. OZZY ROCKS, OZZY BALLADS and it is all good. Not a bad song yet. I must say...LITTLE DOLLS from DIARY is one of the best rock songs in history. The ultimate Rock album of the 1990's was NO MORE TEARS. No doubt about it. With all of the 80's bands making comebacks right now in the absence of good music on the radio, having OZZY at the top of my list is a must. Only until AC/DC returns with an album of their own. OZZY NEVER DISAPPOINTS. BTW - Go on YOUTUBE and find the acoustic ZAKK performing "Mama I'm Coming Home". Now that is an awesome concert moment.


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