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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...the man is amazingly talented, writes some of the most beautiful and meaningful music I've ever heard. And he has been rocking for more years than most of you have been alive.

I've been an Ozzy fan since he was in Black Sabbath. I was 12, almost 13, and a friend gave me the cassette. I listened to it over and over and over and over and over, until I knew every word to every song. I felt like he was speaking directly to me at times. And I fell in love when I saw pictures of him in a music magazine. I wrote him fan letters, but I guess he never got them, or got too many to deal with, but that's cool, because he was still making awesome music.

When I started listening to Metal, and Black Sabbath was the first of many metal bands and punk bands that I found to listen to in the mid to late 70's.

When Sabbath and Ozzy parted ways, I followed Ozzy and never bought another Sabbath album, because Ozzy was the KING, he wrote everything good that they did and without him, well.....everyone has their own opinion of the split. But it was OK for Ozzy, look at him now, something like 30 years later and he's a SuperStar.

Much of his success is due to Sharon. She promoted the hell out of Ozzy, in a good way. So Sharon shares in his success. They are each others rocks. And that is awesome. However, when I was 13, I did think that when I was older I'd meet Ozzy and he'd marry me. That was my greatest ambition when I was little...to marry Ozzy. And I was a smart kid, Honor Roll, Honor Society, yet I dreamed about Ozzy.

I did get to meet Zakk when they played Glens Falls, a tiny city in upstate NY-Ozzy & Sharon stayed at a really swanky Hotel called The Queensbury I think. Ozzy was supposed to play on Easter Sunday, then some idiot started a rumor that he was going to bite the head off a puppy, and the Town Fathers and Religious Leaders decided Ozzy couldn't play on Easter. So he was kind enough to play the following weekend. With Vixen (who sucked, could only pose and look pretty, could not play their instruments and sounded like a cat in heat yowling when they sang) and White Lion o[ening for Ozzy. I met Zakk as he was coming to the Arena to do his sound check, he gave me his autograph, (which my evil ex-husband stole from me because he knew how much it meant to me. He stole all my Ozzy memorabilia. Then he tried to kill me by choking me to death, but obviously I'm a touch chick and I survived, didn't get my stuff back though) Zakk was wicked cool that day. I went to the concert with a girlfriend, and my evil ex even came to the concert and tried to drag me away so I couldn't see the show. OY VEY!

But the reasons to love Ozzy are numerous. I've read Sharon's book, and Ozzy is kind and generous and loving. And if you know Ozzy at all you know he is awesomely talented.


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