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Michelle Marie
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United States

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...hiz lyrix are profound! Pleaze x-cuze me for not bein up to date on hiz work of tha last decade + - but i have been busy with hip-hop and have turned my ear against most rock in general - but I will alwayz love tha lyrix Ozzy haz written from hiz Black Sabbath dayz thru Blizzard of Oz - Diary of a Madman and Bark at tha Moon dayz. Az a teen I considered myself hiz greatest fan and I listened intently to hiz lyrix and have never heard another Rock/Metal artist with az positive or deeply inspired lyrix ever. No whining - No bytchin - No blaming - straight delivery - intensely mystical - he iz way deeper than most give him credit for!


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