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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...ozzy is the f***ing best musician ever. it all started when i was 3 years old at my grandma's home and i was watching tv. then the video for no more tears was shown in the tv and i loved it. but i didn't know it was ozzy osbourne :P i just loved the video. then few years later i was playing grand theft auto san andreas and Hellraiser was played... i felled in love... the song was so f***ing great and my friend told me it was Ozzy Osbourne so i started downloading songs and videos including no more tears video and then i remembered it sience i was 3. and now i can't live a day without listen to his music. this june i'am going to see ozzy for my first time and i feel like i'am going to see God almighty.

OZZY you are the God of music


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