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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...

For me, Ozzy is the perfect representation of what Rock N' Roll is. Take a look at his bio and you'll see.

Throughout the majority of my 25 years Ozzy has been my shrink. There's an Ozzy song for every mood and situation. Through his music Ozzy has given me invaluable advice on life, love, and countless other things. I myself am a musician as well. I've been in so many bands, and for the first few years I would entertain the thought of giving up music entirely every time a band didn't work out, but a voice in my head always calls me back...and it's usually Ozzy's.

I know in my heart that Ozzy will never stop. He has a passion for doing what he does that many musicians and artists of today just can't match. I've seen the man live... I've made eye contact with him and you can still see that the fire is there.

I only wish that I could have the opportunity to tell him personally that he and his music are what inspire me to pick up that bass guitar every day and play until my fingers bleed.

Thanks Ozzy, It gets me through.


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