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So here it is.....When I was 6 my parents got this giant ass stereo and it came with a complimentary CD. This was back when cd's were first comin' out. Anyway, the cd was a compilation of artists entitled "Lazer Rock." hehehe I still laugh at that cause the cd is still around. It had Ozzy's Bark At The Moon on it.....track number 6 if I remember right. I listened to that song everyday and everyday and everyday. At a young age Metal..... and "OZZY" in particular, played a role in my life. A mager one. Since then.....unfortunately, I haven't had the money to go see The Ozzman in concert but I've followed him ever since I can remember buying everyone of his albums plus box sets as well as Black Sabbath stuff. If that ain't a good enough reason why I'm a fan well then f*** ya.....I'm a die hard Ozzhead in my heart, mind and soul!!!!


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