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Ozzy Osbourne has been a mile stone in my music education. First, I've been a huge punk fan, but after hearing the first tunes of "Crazy Train", I've instantly switched to listening to Ozzy, and simultaneously metal music. Music of Ozz accompanied my B.A. final- when I walked out of the exam room, knowing that I have received "A" for all of my B.A. work, I have listened to his music. He as a person is an example of hard work, progress and amazingly crazy musician, a kind of a role model. He had his good and bad moments, but he is over them now, and he's "not going away". Thanks to my interest in his music, I have met loads of people. I love Ozzy, and his music, not because I'm a crazy teenie with junk in her head, but because I respect people who fight hard for what they do, and results of it are astonishing. Thank you Ozz, and rule the world for eternity as you do now.


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