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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...i love the way ozzy takes care of sharon and she is there for him. i just lost my best friend to cancer two weeks ago. she made me a bet that i wouldn't ever have the guts to make a special one for sharon because of all the research she has been doing to help the cancer foundations. well she's going to win the bet because she was my best friend. i just need to know how to get ahold of sharon at ozzfest in camden nj we bought the cs so we would have good seats because i can't do alot of walking, i use a cane for long things and this is also a new beginnig for my hubby and i we have been through alot of s*** the past 4 years and are trying to keeep it together for our selves but also our kids. we have one with special needs, asperger;s syndome. so this is a big date for us. a couple thing without kids,lol. we need to do this once in a while and i love the way sharon and ozzy make time for each other so thats what i am trying to do with my hubby we will be together 10 yrs this year and married 10 next. i promised him i would go to the concert as a date. but if someone can tell me how to get this afghan to sharon and i want to make sure it gets to her, i would apprecciate it, i have tryed for 4 days 3 other sites, even the my space sites,lol. i also need to know what colors she likes the best before i can design this. this is what i am trying to start as a home business so i can stay with our daughter. and i want her to have the first one, it would mean alot to me that i did this for my girlfriend, thanks - penny
ps. you can reach me at me web addy - and i can give you me phone number from there if you need it . thanks


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