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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
I first heard of this fresh, new band called "Black Sabbath", and the rave about how heavy thier music was. I thought to myself that nothing could come close to the then (and for all time) god of rock, Jimi Hendrix and how heavy, psychedelic, and out of the mainstream his music was. I always have dug things that were opposite and extremely
contrary to the mainstream of society. And then I got to hear the album "Black Sabbath". It was heavy, it was eerie and creepy, and it told great stories. I WAS BLOWN AWAY !!!! Never had my ears heard anything like it. And I knew that this band was going to be the pioneers of a new type of hard rock. Not knowing then that they would be the fathers of heavy metal as justly voted on later. And I followed the bands' career through the years. And when they let Ozzy go, a lot of us hardcore Sabbath fans felt betrayed. Ronnie James Dio was good, but he definately wasn't Ozzy.
As we heard of Ozzy's disappearance from the music world, I thought we would never see him again. But then, back, I believe it was 1980, a new, fresh album came out from Ozzy called "Blizzard Of Oz". My 3 housemates and I (incl. POISON'S BOBBY DAHL), were excited. We all became Ozzy fanatics almost overnite after hearing it ! And it wasn't too much later when we all were saddened by the death of Ozzy's guitarist extrodinaire, Randy Rhoades. It was then that we saw the humanity in Ozzy and were touched . And I grew a great respect for Ozzy, who never turned away when he could've.
But I became very disappointed after "No More Tears", 'cause Ozzy wasn't putting much material out. But then came Ozzfest, the Black Sabbath reunion shows, and it was all great nostalgia. But nothing new. Then to top it all off, came the MTV (destroyers of rock) show , "The Osbournes", and I wanted to "puke" to think that a corporation like MTV could come in and make a mockery and fool out of not only Ozzy, but his family too. Some of you may think it was cute and cool. But I wanted to cry. A metal legend and icon like Ozzy should be shown GREATER RESPECT than that! Yes, maybe the Osbourne's thought it would be great publicity and marketing for themselves. But as many would come to say about Ozzy, later: "He's a BURNOUT. He can't even barely talk or think for himself, yadda yadda yadda, thanks to that damn show. And for us hardcore Ozzy fans, thats as heartbreaking as it could get. Though I respect the promo marketing behind it all, people started to take Ozzy for a bumbling, brain fried fool. Most people need to be reminded that, with his "angel" Sharon by his side, HE HAS SURVIVED WHERE MOST DIE or kill themselves! So I believe Ozzy deserves a lot better RESPECT than given! Thanx MTV, and piss on you and your corrupt "sex-pop" and "hip hop" (that's music?) agenda that you shove down naieve kids' throats as music to make your billions off, instead of giving them MUSIC !
Fortunately, this new Ozzy cd, "Black Rain" will show all of them that Ozzy is still and always will be the ICON and LEGEND that he WAS and FOREVER WILL BE ! Thanks for one HELL OF A RIDE all these years, Ozzy. And thanks for keeping true "old school" METAL alive and giving kids what they're coming to "starve" for ! A great inheritance for our kids. And a great legacy of music to give to the kids and the world. ROCK ON ! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


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