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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...r u kiding?I grew up listening to OZZY &seen RR in Wichita, KS before his untimely death.Now I,m in Florida 25 years later & still in mourning, but we all carry on, don,t we? Since seeing RANDY with OZZY I have seen OZZMAN several different times & loved 'em all. I am glad u found ZACK. I have had a hell of a time trying to see him again...in2004 I had tics to see OZZFEST in Tampa but a hurricane stood in my way, I still have 4 tics at the house. Here is the kicker!!! Last Aug. me and my friend who owns a small record store in town went to west palm to see OZZFEST, luckily i seen BLS before getting harassed by local sheriffs & taken to the WEST PALM BEACH CORRECTIONAL FACILITY & didn't get out until the next day around 4p.m.
My friend got beat up by 3 guys when he was trying to find my truck.What an ordeal!! I'm still your biggest fan!!!!! I'm the guy who they talked about on "THE PHILLIPS FILES", whatever that is.My aunt heard them talking about some kid raising HOLY HELL, sure enough that was me and they took my ass away & I cant describe what all happened in jail...WOW!!!! Whatever u do do not mention JIMI HENDRIX to any colored WEST PALM BEACH SHERIFFS, OH s*** did I mess up!!!
Anyway when i found my truck the next day at 6p.m. the kid who worked at the fairgrounds loaded me up with OZZFEST CDs that I gave away to the people who knew me & my story for a donation.I only took donations until I could pay my court costs of 189.00!! I really do not think OZZY or SHARON would be mad at me for this, it took me 90 days to do it,but it helped!!! SO PLEASE LET OZZY,SHARON, or whoever reads their fanmail read this, PLEASE....How could I make up a story like this??? My parents and some of my friends say u won't help me to see the show this year in FLORIDA, but I,m gonna prove them wrong!!!! PLEASE HELP ME OZZY. THIS IS OFFICIAL FAN MAIL!!!! PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER. THANKS AND GOD BLESS I LOVE U ALL, if u need help on the road let me know. I can ROADIE, I'll work my ass off...c-ya James Brown, Deland, FL.


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