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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Ozzy is a genius !
When i was 16 a friend of mine turned me on to his music!
Just after i left his house i went out to buy an Lp .
there was only one place to buy it in the area but they were sold out!
man was i pissed, i walked 3 or so miles and he was out!
so what did i do, i asked him when he would get it in the store ,he told me about 1or 2 weeks.
i guess he could tell i really wanted it ,so he said the library just got a record area.
so now i walked another 3 or so miles, my thumb was as sore as my f***ing feet!
so i got to the library and looked through the files and right before my eyes they had 2 Lp's!
happier than a pig in s*** i looked through all the B's!
it wasn't there so i asked the lady ,and she said somebody took them out,WHAT!
she told me who ever took them was like 2 weeks late.(f***)
as i'm leaving here comes my friend in the door! What's up dude? the a**hole replies!
both Lp's in his f***ing hand! the a**hole i never talked to again..
but, PARANOID & WE SOLD OUR SOUL FOR ROCK& ROLL were listened to about 500+ times.
so for me to go though all this s***, it says something about Ozzy's art that we all enjoy!
THANX OZZY! YOUR LIKE FAMILY TO ME! note; i even lost my virginity listening to your music!
changes was a great song after we split up.


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