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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...ozzy is just too amazing..look at his career..and his age omg you wouldnt think he could rock this hard but he DOES..and his peformance and presence on stage was just too beyond words..i loved his show in halifax ..the days leading up to getting to see him in concert i was nothing but nerves..i kept thinking he would cancel because he played a show just two days before and his second show which he added in halifax nova scotia was the best thing i have ever done..i would pay any amount to see ozzy again in the maritimes. i screamed so loud and i was way back in section 59 on the floor but my eyes were just glued to the man on was an experience i will never forget.i may be broke now lol.but i dont care it was worth every cent and id do it again and again if he was here..
ozzy you rock he is one of the last true original hard rockers and he will be rocking to his grave and beyone all eternity..his music will live on many other rock stars can say that?


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