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I go back to Ozzy when Ozzy was in Sabbath , their sound was dark , heavy and nothing like id ever listened to before... I being a guitar player tryed copying all or some of Tony Iommi's riffs... Later when Ozzy came out with his Blizzard of Oz , and Dairy of a Madman those 2 albums as a young teenager ment everthing to me , matter of fact I still have the same one's , and on record's... Well sad to say as much as I LOVE OZZY I have never had the chance to see him in concert , well maybe on TV when MTV was good back in the 80's...But why im a fan , well back when I was a kid Ozzy's music just summoned all the anger in me , the heavy Fxxking metal , Randy Rhodes Guitar .. I will love Ozzy until the day I die , he brings back memorys now when I hera those old albums... And I must make a comment on Ozzy, and Sharon' doing the Ozbourne show... I thought it was the most greatest idea because it showed Ozzy not only as some Rock n Roll god , but also as a father , a husband , a normal person , another side alot dont see.... I think that show opened the eyes of alot of people who just thought Ozzy was some devil worshipping , bat eatting , crazy Mother FXXKER..... Well before I die im making in a goal of mine to see the prince of darkness himself in concert.... So MR. Ozzy Ozbourne dont hang up the mic yet, keep rocking..... I love ya Ozzy..... God Bless ....


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