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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...First of all what music kind of music you can listen to for over 24 years and never get tired of it. This is it. The one and only, Ozzy. The first album a bought on my own was a double album called Speak of the Devil Vinyl, can you imagine. In middle school we used to do gifts exchange between students and guess what i ask for, of course a Blizzard of Ozz vinyl. Its been a while, but i do anything to catch Ozzy live again. The first and only time i've seen Ozzy live was, 24 years ago at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium with an opening act that you will not believe Michael Bolton? The only thing is that i can't find any information about this concert, that i know i saw. If anybody can send any information about, i'll appreciate. Enough for now.

P.S. A concert in Puerto Rico will be sold out in hours. You can't imagine how may fans Ozzy has in P.R. old and young. We do have a new beatiful arena that i now Ozzy will have a blast rocking it. Well enough dreaming alright, but life is made of dreams and i'm living one, to see Ozzy live again.

See you soon

Best of fans

Angel Vazquez
DOB Dec 3, 1968


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