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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...for starters ozzy is the ultimate role model! back when i first started listening to his music everyone was bashing him, saying all sorts of trash but they are the people who never listen to the words in the music as he meant for it to be! my wife was one of those people, that was till i sat her down and made her listen now she is an ultimate oz fan!! i converted her from the michael jackson hippity hop b.s., to what she is today! i took her to her very first "rock" concert on her twenty first birthday soon to be some fifthteen years ago to see ugly kid joe, slaughter, and the ultimate rocker the man himself OZZY at what was riverport ampitheater in St. Louis,Missouri. i have took her to almost everyone since and with a little luck we will be at the concert this summer! rock and roll may get older but we will be OZZY fans till the day we die!!


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