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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...about 1977..when I was 15 years old, somebody played Sabbath Bloody Sabbath to me and that is where it started.
I fell in love with Ozzy´s voice right there.
I followed his voice and still do.

1980 I wanted to be a bass player - first song I learned to play was Paranoid.

I have 4 children, 3 of them are fans too. I named my second son by Ozzy (finnis version Ossi) :). My youngest son (11 years) plays bass guitar also and learned right away Paranoid, but also Crazy train :)

I love music cannot live without. Above all I love Ozzy Osbourne-because of his voice and specially later his solo albums.

When I die I want them to play No More Tears in funeral.

Crazy Train is the song that I say " It´s my song". Early 1980´s maybe 1982 I lost friends cause they couldn´t take it - me palying Ozzy all the time lol

Ozzy is coming to Finland, July 9th to Ruisrock-festival, Turku, Finland.
Immediately when I heard about that, I byed tickets.

Everyday I listen him. My english is not very good, so hard to explain :)

So, I am goind to be 50 years old on Jan 27th 2012 and I have told all people I know that only one thing in this life what I want, is to shake hand with Ozzy Osbourne. Say Hi! Or hug :)

Whatever - his voice and music is around me all the time, year after year.

So I have been a fan over 30 years now and that is the thing nobody can take away from me.

Yes, I will Scream for Ozzy ;)


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