No Bone Movies

Silver screen, such a disgrace,
I couldn’t look her straight in the face.
A blue addiction, I live in disgust,
Degradation being eaten by lust.

No bone movies,
No bone movies,
No bone movies.

Inspiration that’s blue and uncut,
Can’t kick the habit obsession of smut.
Voyeur straininig in love with this hand,
A poison passion, a pulsating gland.

No bone movies,
No bone movies,
No bone movies,

I shouldn’t do it, the guilt tells me why,
I just can’t stop it, I try and I try.
X-rated demon that lives in my head,
Hungry for bodge and he wants to be fed.

No bone movies (20 times)

Flub (8 times) “That’ll do”

Words and Music by John Osbourne, Robert Daisley,
Randy Rhoads and Lee Kerslake
TRO-© Copyright 1981 and 1986 Essex Music International, Inc., New York, NY, Blizzard Music Ltd., London England and David Paramor Music Ltd., London, England
Used by Permission