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Ozzy is a Legend in the Heavy Metal community. Black Sabbath to me is the first heavy metal band to form and to me his voice is the voice of heavy metal. Nowadays his voice isnt what it was in his prime, but here he is with Black Rain and it kills. My first Ozzy experience was the Album Diary of A Madman. If there is one album to listen to its Diary of a Madman. Randy Rhoads guitar playing on those tracks are amazing. Blizzard of Oz is at the top of the selection when looking into the ozzman's discography. Every track on those two albums are top notch and will be embedded in your head forever. Crazy Train is a track that isnt just a track know within the heavy metal community everyone and there mother knows Crazy Train. Ive seen Ozzy live twice now in my 22 years on this Earth and he has delivered both times. The first time was him doing a solo outing at ozzfest where he played Diary of a Madman and i about died. The second time i saw Ozzy he was fronting the Legendary Black Sabbath. That show was again amazing. Even in his old age he will give 100% to his audience to make sure they have a good time. Through out the years Ozzy has played with a lot of great musicians. Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wydle are legends now and if you forgot Jake E Lee then shame on you cuse Jake E Lee owned on Bark at the Moom and Ultimate Sin, which I think is an underrated ozzy disc. Bob Daisleys bass playing on those first two albums still give me chills He has played with alot of awesome drummers also with Randy Castillo...RIP being my him being one of my favorite drummer of all time. The bass and drums make No More Tears you hear that opening and it hits and you cant help but bang your head. When you become an Ozzy fan you become a fan for all the members and not just sololy Ozzy.


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