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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy Rules. As youth developed to mature adulthood, my body began to feel changes. You see puberty was the root of all madness back in the day when 18 seemed like a dreamworld. This singer gave me, a little pip squeak nothing, spirit. I saw darkness as the light through his eyes, my roomate in boarding school taught me about Randy Roads and the break up, right away I felt shame for somebody I did not know. That showed that darkness reveals the light because you underwent a transformation yourself. The changes that made a difference, the little things that started happening and turned into big things, those changes where at the same time that my soul saw the heaven everyone deserves open up, Ozzy just got lucky and made a lot of money, because millions of us exist all singing to the night, alone or in a tight knit band. That is why I am an Ozzy fan and you should be too! Never forget that everyone wanted a piece of the black that you shed on the world with the first bat. It goes dead or alive, but my heart is always beating, Ozzy Rules...


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