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I have lived on a farm as a foster child till I was 16 , I was the wild child in a god fearing church going family . When I first heard Diary Of A Mad Man , it hit me I was the mad man dieing a little more each day , when you have religion forced down you until you can take no more and have to brake out of the cage it puts you in .from that day of hearing and relating to Ozzy’s song I started listing to anything of his I could get a hold of . From crazy train ,Bark At The Moon, Paranoid , Hellraiser naming a few , but being from that good old bible belt the one that made the most effect on me was Rock 'N' Roll Rebel lets just say the words hit more then close to home . Somehow his songs kept me strong enough to keep going in this life, to fight in what i belive in even tho it wasnt what everyone else did in this town , where if you don’t look like everyone else or do things your way your a outcast .

The people around this town I was raised in are so quick to judge a person if you listen to metal , rock ,or even rap . In there words (YOUR GOING TO HELL ) WELL ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS GIVE ME A FRONT SEAT AND A OZZY CD SO I CAN ENJOY THE SENERY ON THE WAY !!!!!!!! Ozzy’s music has in many ways made me who I am today , I am a proud single father of a 10 son who is my life , I hold a full time job ,and have a beautiful wife to be , not bad for someone who turned his back on the religion ,and ran away from home at 16 I would say . Ozzy was the dad I never had so to say , his music was always there No matter what happened I could put in a cd and hear words speaking to me like a father dose to a child .I am a Ozzy fan because he was there when I needed some one to turn to ,He was the father figure to me I never had . So if your alone and need someone to help you through something that no one else can put in a cd of Ozzy’s listen to the words and understand your not alone in the fight that you face, the words you hear just may keep you fighting like it has me , or even save your life someday . Ozzy is the father I never had .


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