Why i am a fan?

Why shouldn't i? He's Great!

Mr.Osbourne, the prince of darkness is, and will always be, the greatest artist ever! And i won't change my mind!

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Here For You
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Ozzy Osbourne
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I remember all the good times
Sometimes I'd wonder would it last
I used to dream about the future
But now the future is the past

I don't wanna live in yesterday
Cross my heart until I die
Don't wanna know just what tomorrow may bring
Because today has just begun
No matter whatever else I've done
I'm here for you

(verse 2)
So now I sit here and I wonder
What ever happened to my friends?
Too many bought a one way ticket
But I'll be with you 'til the end


You're my religion, you're my reason to live
You are the heaven in my hell
We've been together for a long long time
And I just can't live without you
No matter what you do, I'm here for you


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