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I listen to every song of his, I depict their meanings. He is the only artist I listen to 95% of the time. His music expresses how I feel and it gets me through. I defend him every time I have a chance, especially against stupid people who make fun of the way he talks. I like the way he talks! I can understand him. Also how people judge him on his drug and alcohol problem. Everyone has problems. So not only is Ozzy funny and talented, he's the best musician ever, and without his music I wouldn't be able to live. If I went deaf, I would kill myself because I wouldn't be able to hear his music. I don't want to think about how I will get by when he passes away.... I'm sure my life, personality, and attitude would change forever. I almost cry just thinking about it. I wish I was an Osbourne. I wish I could meet Ozzy. I'd probably drop dead of a heart attack but.... atleast I'd be able to shake his hand!

May Ozzy rock forever. His music will.

Ethan, 16 Denver CO


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