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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I have grown up with Sabbath and Ozzy. Every pivotal moment of my life has had them in it.

From the first sip of home made scrumpy - getting married - getting divorced - losing my house - bankruptcey - becoming a father(twice) - seperation - child custody - single parenthood - restarting uni (at 41) - gaining my motor bike license - meeting the woamn of my dreams- becoming an architect.

The music of Ozzy (and Sabbath) have been a constant in a chaotic f***ing life.

I love playing along to his music on my guitar - and Oh my god has he had some guitar heros in his bands. I should have carried on as a kid - I could have been on stage with him - you never know do you? Stranger things have happened - look at Zakk - he was in a high school band he's my long lost brother.

So if any one tries to tell me that Ozzy's a boozed up drug spoiled twat with a disfunctional family- i just punch them in the neck and tell them that they know f*** all.

You're never too old to rock!!!

Ouch... me effin back.....


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