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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy and Sabbath are the true originators/pioneers of Metal. Zeppelin and Purple along with one or two others were around experimenting with blues orientated hard rock but Sabbath were the first true Metal band. There was no one as heavy as them. Ozzy always used to feel inferior in bands as guitarists/bass players and drummers can show off their licks "What can I do?" he'd say and he has said he can't understand why he's so successful. Well I'll answer that one. You can instantly recognize Ozzy's voice as soon as he sings the first word. Vocalists take years to find and work at their signature. Some never even find their own voice. Ozzy is unique and a one off. When ever any one mentions Sabbath Ozzy is the first person they think of. That's what Ozzy can do. I also love his antics,his sense of humor and him as a person. I love him for all the talent he has brought to the world such as Randy Rhoads/Jake.E.Lee and Zakk Wylde along with all the other musicians that have been in his band over the years. I love him because he inspired me to get into music and make a living as a Guitarist. All I have to say is thank you Oz.


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