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when i was 3, my mom had a friend, cindy, that worked for a record distributer. she had a few hundred albums and told me to go through them and take what i wanted. after going through a few crates,i had a couple of grand funk rairoad albums steve millers the joker and then i found "paranoid " opened it up, and staring back at me was the coolest looking guy i have ever seen, i was in awe of what i was looking at, the big cross hanging around ozzys neck and the look on his face that said to me "IM THE f***ING s*** " took the album out of the sleeve and put it on the turntable and for the first time, in that little, hotter than f*** appartment, i heard the words "GENERALS GATHERED IN THIER MASSEEEEEES... JUST LIKE WITCHES AT BLACK MASSES" and from that moment on i wanted to be ozzy when i grew up :) i knew that this was the greatest band of all creation! when my life was in complete shambles ozzy was there when the idiots back in the 80s were saying "suicide solution" was telling people to kill themselves. i knew ozzy was telling me that what was i was doing to myself was gonna be a long and painful road. as the words of "snowblind" warned . i have had numerous pets names after you a rat and a parahna:) your music was the backround music of my life.

well i grew up sort of, im 35 now, im not you "THE KING OF HEAVY METAL" but i am and always will be your greatest fan

god bless you OZZY.



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