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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...The Ozzman Rocks. Whether he plays alone or with Black Sabbath his performances are kickazz. If you haven't seen him, you better because it's a concert you'll always remember. I try to see him every year. I look forward to Ozzfest, because I can see Ozzy perform. Ozzy's voice is the most unique, awesome voice I've ever heard. Well, Dave Mustane 's voice kicks, but Ozzy is number 1. . If only I could get up closer or even backstage, now that would be the ultimate. I would love to sit and shoot the s*** with him and Sharon. I love em both. I love the new cut and saw Ozzy's performance on WWE and just loved it. I had a big smile and watched it twice (my hubby recorded it for me cuz i was workin). I loved the piro stuff and the band was in top form.. Everyone did a great job. YOU GUYS REALLY ROCKED....I ordered the CD a month ago and am in waiting.......I've been waiting a long time for a new ALBUM with all new cuts and it'll be in my mailbox shortly. I am looking forward.

Ozzy, thanks for all the enjoyment you've given me throughout the years. Rock on baby.......

You and Sharon will always be dear to my heart.


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