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I'm a fan of Ozzy because he was the first who had teached me to live...ofcourse not his personaly,but his CD....I was totally looser at school and I had no friends because I was too silent and strange.One day I was lying in my bed and thinking about the meaning of my life and it made me cry...my life was boring and miserable but than I had heard OZZY in radio,he was singing "In my life" from that day on I "felt in love" with ozzy...In my dreams I always dreamed about Ozzy I tryed to inžmagine if I would be Ozzy's doughter and it made me stronger...his songs were like a mirror of my life,ozzy singed my feelings...a years latter I saw "the osbournes" Ozzy was acting like a fool in there,but for me he was the smarter man in the world...his family incredible! I never had such a good relationship whit my family till I had seen "the osbournes" I started to learn from every ozzy's step....now I'm happy because now I know the secret of easy and lucky life...just look at ozzy he's acting that he can't understand anything,you can try it too (I tryed) believe me when you feeling like a child everything looks so easy and nice and everything that you want are in your hands!
So if you think that Ozzy is just an old,mad rocker you doing a big mistake! Let's love OZZY together and we all gonna be one lucky ozzy's family!!!!!!!!


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