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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Ozzy has had such an influence on my life in great ways. I love how he is so real about eveything, no sugar coated s*** ya know. His music is just so great musically and especially lyrically. I think I am such a big Ozzy fan because Ozzy is alot like my father (even though my father won't admit it) in the respect that he is real and tells it like it is, take or leave it ya know. I love my father more than life itself but he's f***in mad. HA. Another thing I would like to thank Ozzy for is his song "See you on the other Side". My cousin drowned 2 yrs. ago a the age of 22 and that was rough, but because of this song I held on to hope that when "Golden day are passing over" I would see him on the other side. That song was actually played at his funeral/viewing. I have never met Ozzy in person and it is one of my life long goals I hope to achieve some day so if you read this Ozzy (or Sharon, God Bless) please contact me via e-mail. So I am not just a fan of Ozzy's music I am a Fan of Ozzy Osbourne as a person and to the people who think he is a devil worshiper or something I say to you "they say I worship the devil, they must be stupid or blind". He's just a Rock"N"Roll Rebel.

Thank you goodnight I love you all!!!!!!!!!


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