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Ozzy Osbourne is one of those performers, those entertainers, those rare people, who can just walk onto a stage and you want to look at them. You want to cheer for them. They have a natural gift, raw energetic charisma, that not only allows them to excel in their profession, but also to be lovable and personable. A man like Ozzy Osbourne is also very much human as well. Well documented cases of his personal problems only brought him down to earth and more of a "working man's man" than anything else. While all of his music may not have been truely personal or "tug on the heart strings," it is the man behind it that makes it so great, special, and emotional. There is a reason Ozzy never fell out of public view or, worse, fell away from life, and that is because he was put here to be who he is. To inspire others. To entertain. And nothing, not drugs, alcohol, or auto accidents, can take him away from us.

Like other legends such as Elvis Presley, Ozzy Osbourne, even, eventually, when he goes away from the stage for good, will always be remembered. He will never be forgotten. And he will always be Ozzy.


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