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United States's true. His voice broke through the speakers and the first stanza of I Just Want You froze my mind, and more importantly, my current train of thoughts.

...there are no unbeatable believable gods... (you know the song - if not then find the lyrics, or better yet, the song!)

Immediately following the song I dumped all my CDs onto a table and listened to each Ozzy/Sabbath song with renewed interest, and a new way of hearing the old music. There was a whole new level of understanding after the 'incident'. Ozzy is a symbolic visionary with the power to unlock your mind if you can listen and watch with a slightly different point of view than you were 'trained' (from birth) to use. His influence on my work is astounding. Without Ozzy's influence I dare say I never would have pursued my writing career and would still be languishing in some factory, feeling miserable all day and harboring a dread of the start of each new day. Alas! This is not the case and I have no way of ever thanking him enough.

Ozzy's life story is one of my biggest inspirations. Is that trite? Yep, but go check it out for yourself if you think I'm full of sh*t.

Ozzy is one of the only people I know that affects every person that comes into contact with him through his music, his shows, or in person. It doesn't matter if you're an Ozzy fan or not, if you love him or loathe him - he will affect you, profoundly.



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