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37 years young now. Many, many moons ago I realised my main outlet of whatever was ailing me was to be good heartfelt heavy headbaning music with much truth. I of course found that with the OzzMan. It was an absolute relief to (me) a teen in the eighties to lose myself inside my "Walkman". Can't tell you how many sets of batteries I went through listening to "Bark at the Moon". Unbelieving at how much the lyrics from the entire cassette mirrored the things going on in my life at the time. Almost as if it had been written specifically for me. I didn't find the music on any level... I truly believe the music found me. I found more truth in someone I didn't even know or had ever met in a mechanism that played cassette tapes. There is NO WAY I cannot be a fan of Ozzy for many reasons but the one that resonates the most is the summer of 1983 when "Bark at the Moon" came barking at my door. 24 years have passed and I have done alot of things since then and probably "forgotten" most of them, but I will NEVER forget the year that 13 became a good number for me. Thankz Ozzy.


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