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I'm a fan of Ozzy Osbourne because I grew up on his music. I also like music with a hard, jagged, metalic edge, and out of loyalty as well. I've been an Ozzy Osbourne fan for too long to even consider not being one. Plus, the obvious reason. That being the fact that with every passing year, Ozzy's singing just keeps getting better and better. Not a lot of people out there can make that claim and be truthful about it. I've heard basement recordings of Ozzy Osbourne right up to the present day. While you can clearly tell that they are all Ozzy, the vocal evolution that his voice has gone through throughout the year is nothing short of amazing! Ozzy will always be (in my book) the undisputed best at what he does. I mean, think about it...look at all the albums he has out, and how many years it's been since he started out, and he's not only still very much in demand and popular in the music scene, but he's still going strong with no signs of slowing down that I can see. There have been hundreds of other groups and vocalists that have come and gone since Ozzy started out. That just goes to show you, when you've got it, you've got it! Believe me, Ozzy's got and always has. KEEP ROCKIN' OZZY! YOU'RE THE BEST!


P.S. His daughter Kelly is damn good at singing too. I love listening to her. She definately gets that from her dad.


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