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When i was twelve years old,i went out and bought my first Ozzy album at a local store called Harlowes.I had been familiar with Black Sabbath,and i knew that Ozzy left the band.So i wanted to hear what he sounded like solo.I remember that i had an old stereo in my room with all kinds of speakers hanging everywhere!! All differen't shapes and sizes of speakers.I blasted that album out all day,and again and again.I never looked back.I was into all sorts of music at the time,but Ozzy music was very dear to my soul.And i loved hearing Randy play guitar.I just could not get enough of that authentic sound that came from that wonderful,and so very missed musician.I remember the day as if it where yesterday,when Randy left us for the ultimate guitar world in the sky.And all of the turmoil that came to pass afterwards in Ozzys life.But i still followed the man,and even thru his ups and downs,still believed without a shadow of a doubt,Ozzy was becoming a true rock legend.And now at forty,not only can i still enjoy what the man has put out musically in the past,i can crank up Black Rain and get the same feeling that i did all those years ago.And my eleven year old loves him to death aswell!! He keeps asking me about the new Ozzy cd.And have i heard anything about it yet.I know that the years are going ever so fast,and the Ozzman can't live forever,but until that day comes,i hope that he continues to bring my son and i his true ability to still rock!! So just keep believing this ozzy......LEAVE ME ALONE,DON'T WANT YOUR PROMISES NO MORE.CAUSE ROCK AND ROLL IS MY RELIGION AND MY LAW.WON'T EVER CHANGE,MAY THINK IT'S STRANGE.I'M BORN TO ROCK AND ROLL,I'M HERE TO STAY.................Thank you Ozzy...


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