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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... I remember late one night, in 1971, It was raining and storming and I could not sleep. Well, as you guessed it, music always makes me sleep better. So on goes CKLW, about 11:45 at night, and what do I hear???? Oh ya, f***ing "BLACK SABBATH". [the song] Oh hell ya, just what I needed in a rain storm in the dark! Boom--I was hooked.Ever since then, I have been a huge fan. Love the solo stuff just as much. Ozzy has not hurt himself going solo. I also lived in Leesburg Florida, and was off work, the day Ozzy lost Randy Rhodes, Rachel Youngblood, and Andrew Ayc**k. The plane buzzed over my house, and the Calhoun Ranch, and then it was a giant ball of flames. My mother in law [ex] was the dispatcher at the Leesburg Fire Department, called me and said Ozzy was in the plane. I remember the saddness that went through me..As it turned out, he was not..Still very sad..[RIP] RR,RY,AA.
Yes--I am a gigantic fan--always have been since that rainy night in 1971, to now...OZZY--you are the f***ing s***..Rock on..
Jim Russell, Sr.


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