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I'm a fan because i grew up lisioning to ozzy in the car with my dad when he took me places. so i basically grew up to ozzy. well now my father is gone to a better place and ozzy is all i have left of him. all those memories of long cars rides dancing and singing to ozzy will always be with me. everything else got burned by my mother cause she was angry he left us behind. so now i was only able to save his car and inside his car was stocked with his ozzy cd's. now as i am driving i always try to put in one cd and lision to one song. Dreamer was my father's favorite so that is the one i lision to most. yes it makes me cry sometimes. but they are all tears of happiness for the memories of better times. and i thank ozzy each and everyday that he made his music and gave me those memories i shared with my father. that is a big reason i am a fan of ozzy but also the man is amazing. his music is unlike any other. one day i hope to meet ozzy in real life and tell him how much his music has helped me through my darkest days. let him know how much i admire the man and admire the work he has made. thank you ozzy... for everything.


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