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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy is the f***ing prince of darkness. I grew up on black Sabbath. I played black Sabbath in my bands. Ozzy kicks ass. He is a mentor most of us has done drugs in the past. But we can overcome all that kills us and continue to play killer heavy metal. Don’t do drugs just play heavy metal either in a band yourself or just listen I’ve seen black Sabbath over 20 times I’ve been to zoo feast 1 I can’t wait to go again and take my 10 & 6 year old . I’ve taken my 10 year old to the last ozz feast and I want to take my 6 year old because he’s the bad ass rocker of my Klan. I wish my family could meet ozzy because he’s an inspiration to all rockers. And my family but that most likely never happen. I’m not rich by any means. And playing music myself is a hard way to go unless you make it big. I would like to thank ozzy and his family for all he has given us.
Gary”boardwalk” Norris


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