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I have followed Ozzy since I have been old enough to understand music. He has utilized some of the greatest artist to assist his awesome vocals. With his last CD, Black Rain, it was like old school. He is a true artist and the greatest singer that has come along. Along with his many accomplishments, he continues to strive for more and he gives back to his fans and loyal listeners. I look forward to "Soul Sucka" and hope it is old school as well. His recent book sheds a lot of light on his life and his troubles he has gone through. His love for RR, is so strong, they were the best team ever, and that will always live on, thus why my user name is Tribute. Not only to Ozzy, but RR, what a player.
Ozzy, thanks for all the years of great music and I look forward to many more.
Like the new SCREAM, Gus G. what a job, love Zakk but like what Ozz is doing, what a life to live. Can't wait for that first meeting with him. RR, you will never be forgotten...

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