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Ozzfest Ticket Redemption Details

<a href="http://www.ozzfest.com/static_content/view/redemption.html">CLICK HERE</a> for detailed directions on how to redeem your Ozzfest tickets!

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Black Rain is a great cd!!! A code for free tickets was a good idea. Too bad it did not work for me. I used the code for Wisconsin date and got California tickets instead! Close but no cigar. And to rub it in, they were lawn seats too. I would expect better for my presale code. After several e-mails, my California tickets were canceled and my code was re-instated. Big Mistake! By this time the presale was over, the general tickets were gone, and I ended up with no tickets at all! Livenation screwed me big time and I did'nt even get a kiss.

Ya WTF you can bid on tickets now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say we boycott !!!!!!!!!!

Bidding auction for tix, mmmmmm great, I lost out on the free tix, now I can't
buy them because they could be a fake, and if I try to bid for 4 tix I could have
to re-mortage my house. Breaking the 7 year tradition, me and the kids can't
go to Ozzfest this year. Ozzy I know you tried to make it cool for all the fans,
but next year "JUST LET US BUY THE TICKETS, at least we can get them and
know they are real.

if your near south central pa theres a store that has the ozzfest monster4 pks........i bought an extra ..gave it out already.......i do have 1 tic to camden nj show...im not using

1 step away from you

If anyone has an extra monster energy code they aren't going to use I would greatly appreciate it if you could send it. I got screwed from Livenation like thousands of other hard rockers. Email is ozzy1978@verizon.net Thanks and rock on!!

The page isn't available to get tickets!

all tickets even the ones u actually buy say not for resale in the state of fl you can charge anything u want and its legal when its a paying show there are scalpers I GOT front row ticket and im not selling it no matter what the price i couldnt get that close when they sold tickets

anyone not gonna use their Monster code, no stores around upstate South Carolina have the boxes with the codes, and I only need 1, please email me a code if you will, my email is rdsowers1@netscape.net

Not sure if I'm putting this in the right place in the forum, but does ANYONE have a code from Monster Energy? I haven't been able to find it anywhere! And the "free codes" from livenation, were worthless. Went to WPB venue and still said redeem code and it didn't give me anywhere to put the code. Please help if you can! e-mail Jalynn4@yahoo.com THANKS

I am dismayed that I went online at 10:00 am for Glen Hyundai on 7/21 sat for 1 hour and then link froze up. I was not able to get the tickets for my daughter's birthday and now I see Livenation is auctioning tickets. What's up with that, I think Livenation did a poor job of carrying out a very generous offer by Mr. & Mrs. Osbourne. Shame on you Livenation!!