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"Black Rain" New Jewel Case Package w/CD Extra Bonus

"Black Rain" is being re-issued in a new jewel case package containing the full booklet with lyrics and new color cover art and photos. It will also contain CD Extra bonus content featuring Behind the Scenes footage from the "Black Rain" photo shoot! CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!
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I stopped listening to Black Sabbath when Ozzy left them, they just weren't the same group any more. Ozzy's vocals were the only ones for me. As soon as I heard Paranoid in the sixties I was hooked on his voice. From the same Osborne family way back, my grandfather was an Osborne from Aston and Ozzy just can't do wrong for me. We were raised within about a mile of each other and he's a part of me and a part of Brum that will never die. Rock on Ozzy!

were can i buy the re-issued cd of black rain. is it the japan version? I have the original with ticket inside. I ordered the enhanced from SonyMusic but got the original. HELP !!! DStarr124@yahoo.com

i love black rain..but the original packaging totally sucked..looked like it was taken from a paper bag...i hated it right from the start..so i welcome a jewel case with lyrics..i will give the crappy packaging to my brother...he likes ozzy but is not a die hard fan....

hey ozzy!!! nice album!!! Rock N Roll!!! f***!!!

i already had my pre-ordered copy, and then picked up the jewel case. it's worth the $20 i paid to have 2 copies. OZZY KICKED MY ASS AT CHARLOTTE!! not literally...u know what i mean

Any true Ozzy fan would want both cd's. I am a die hard Ozzy fan and I have cd's and imports that have the same songs and I have them because I am an Ozzy fan. My neighbor is even worse he has any album that Ozzy appears on and I know he will be getting this one as well even though he has purchased the last one. He's not complaining, he thinks it's awesome. It's called marketing and everyone does it.

black rain is a great cd...but i would rather buy heaven and hell at radio city music hall...holy crap that is one hell of a live cd/dvd...ozzy i am a loyal fan but all honesty ronnie james dio can outsing anybody and not even be breathing heavy....metal forever...

I would love to be able to get all of the extra tracks from Black Rain! :)

OZZY is everything, everything is everything and everything is OZZY.

Who cares about the artwork and lyrics when you can get them from this very website or a dozen others like it on the internet. What I am PISSED about is the "extra" songs that are NOT going to be on the reissue but were available to a limited audience and not everybody (the two extra tracks on the Japanese version and the extra track only at itunes)!! Why doesn't Ozzy go against the grain and just give us the extra songs instead of what we can already get?? I have gone everywhere to get the extra three songs and was only able to get two of them from a copy of the Japanese version I got on Ebay. But if there was not an entity like Ebay, I would never have been able to get these two songs uless I went to Japan! In short, OZZY JUST GIVE US THE MUSIC MAN, AND I MEAN TO EVERYBODY NOT JUST THE JAPANESE!!!!!!


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