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<a href="http://sonymusic.com/artists/OzzyOsbourne/notgoingaway/">CLICK HERE</a> to win a chance to meet Ozzy and have your video premiere on Myspace Music!

Ozzy was so happy with the submissions for his last video contest, that he wants to do the same for "Not Going Away"!

Ozzy and his band shot performance footage of the entire song on green screen from multiple camera angles. Footage is posted HERE for you to download. The director can download performance footage and other digital assets and then make your own video using your preferred type of video editing software.

Use all of your own footage, use some of the band’s, it’s all up to you, just use your imagination. And remember, it’s Ozzy, so make it f***ing ROCK!

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No it's not jealousy, nor is it the lack of talent. You don't know me or my talents. So before we get into a childish rant with other people we know nothing about, sit back and take a look at yourself. I got the concept of the video and the video is well done. Where talent is concerned I might just have more equipment and talent, but not time. Now as far as the album is concerned, music is an art, which is open for your own interpretation. Some people my have done there video based on the man (OZZY) not just the song. It may be what they saw of felt. So to the people involved. Here is the question how many times have you seen OZZY what does he mean to you, and where you ever even lucky or old enough to see him with Randy Rhodes! My feelings on the video really don't matter the choice was made and that is done. So on that note I will end my rant and maybe I will find time to work on the next one. Good Luck!

Jealousy...plain and simple. You wish you would have thought of it...or that you had half the talent. Pull up your big kid pants and deal with it...

if someone has to explain to you what the rabbit represents or how it follows the story line of the song or in fact the entire Black Rain album, maybe you should watch the video again, and again, and again, and again, and again.....and repeat...I watched it once and got it...

Another contest? Who won the last contest do we know, does anybody?? Anyway ROCK ON.-Just Me

I had a feeling that video was the winner first time I saw it. Good job. But I'm not going away, so I'll get you next time. lol

Can't believe that the bunny beat out the retirement home. Now THAT VIDEO ROCKED!!!

Are you kidding me even the high school kids video was better than that. What does a drunk rabbit have to do with the song?

hi low there ozzy i cant belive that you were one of the best'est playres.....<><><><>**********************!!!!!!!

It's about time the winner was posted. Crazy Drunken Rabbit? What the...!!!

Why waste our time when you haven't even anounced the winner of the last video contest?


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