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Ozzfest Ticket Redemption Details

<a href="http://www.ozzfest.com/static_content/view/redemption.html">CLICK HERE</a> for detailed directions on how to redeem your Ozzfest tickets!

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What are they going to do to fix this?


Got all the way to our tickets and it timed out. I had seats......cant even get back to Ozzfest through livenation, its been and hour and 1/2.


The ticket codes must have been figured out or else these sites bought that many of these special edition CD's because I've found several sites selling tickets to all venues of this years Ozzfest for anything from $46 for a lawn seat to $886 dollars for a pavillion seat. As with a Tool concert I got tickets too, there are the few humans who got through that only bought the CD to screw some kid out of his money selling their tickets on Ebay. While I applaud Ozzy for his generousity, the set-up ended up failing miserably and these 'ticket brokers' are nothing more than glorified and legal scalpers. If we tried to sell tickets to a free event at the roadside leading to the venue, we'd be arrested, yet these computer programs are making a few people thousands of dollars on tickets that were distributed free. Seriously, how greedy can one person be that they'd screw over long time fans just to make a quick buck. The worst part of it is that there are those who will pay for these tickets just to see some of the lesser bands such as Hatebreed or Lamb of God, when there are those of us who would give more than money to see Ozzy on his last touring Ozzfest. I've seen Ozzy with Black Sabbath at Ozzfest, and was more than thrilled to see that he was doing some of his own stuff this year, but I guess I'll just have to pull out some of the old albums and a turntable again. - One Pissed Fan

Tried to get tickets tonight. Click on the link to the SA show in Selma, Texas which takes me to the Indiana site which I click get tickets just to see what happens and it gives a server error. This is a total waste of time. They should have been prepared but they weren't and now what??

Sharon sets us all up as little pawns, grabbing our $ for the new CD, then pimping the tickets out to a website which crashes the night the tickets are suppose to be available.
Enjoy your day at the spa, Sharon....just have a thug rob us in the parking lot next time, b****.

So now we have to wait until the 12th to get the tickets?

this freakin sucks. the lines not open and no one can get in what a scam

This process sucked ass! I got to the end and was confirming my tickets and the site jammed and I lost my spot in line! I never could get back on the right site again. I'm so sad, I'll for sure will be trying again on the 12th. ~Sam-Sam


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