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Released: 2010



Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Let It Die
2 Play Track Let Me Hear You Scream
3 Play Track Soul Sucker
4 Play Track Life Won't Wait
5 Play Track Diggin' Me Down
6 Play Track Crucify
7 Play Track Fearless
8 Play Track Time
9 Play Track I Want It More
10 Play Track Latimer's Mercy
11 Play Track I Love You All


My favorite music video is crazy train with Randy Rhodes. I have been listening to Ozzy Since I was 3 which was in 2000.

I have been an Ozzy fan since i was 4 years old in 1977 when my Uncle Monte put on for me during a visit: Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Black sabbath. I started to play guitar when i was 10 because of my love of Randy and Tony, and quickly became fans of Jake and Zakk as well.. I finally broke down and bought this album last week. I initially didnt buy this album because no Zakk... I am a HUGE ZAKK FAN.. And to me... Zakk has been with OZzy the longest and really PUSHED creativity and incredible music from OZZY's Already brilliant mind. So i was biased.. Having listened to Scream..2x through.. I can honestly say that Gus G. is a very good guitarist. Very Good...not awesome incredible blew me away...but a very good guitarist. If you recall when Randy left us Ozzy having had a GOD on guitar already would not settle for second best...so he got JAKE E LEE and ZAKK who are just f***ing incredible guitarists and musicians. Gus doesnt move me in the same way. While there are some cool moments on the Scream album there just arent any of those WHOA! moments that we all love.. LIke the first time you heard no more tears or shot in the dark.. I also never understood why Zakk was dismissed.. I know they said because Ozzy started to sound like BLS records....and I cant buy that.. BLack rain is an amazing album..but it sounds NOTHING like BLS... So i truly hope after this album and tour that Ozzy goes back to the fold that made him sound amazing....ZAKK WYLDE.... OZZY and SHARON if you are reading this (which i hope but doubt) bring back our boy ZAKK!

Ozzy's songs have helped me get through the last year. I can relate to a lot of his songs. I can't pick a favorite song from him, there are just too many. At the moment "Let it Die" helps me make it through each day. I am currently on a self journey and part of that is getting rid of some baggage that has been holding me back and "Let it Die" helps to remind me to do that and to move forward. I have never been to a concert to see Ozzy but I really hope I can before he decides to stop doing them. Thank You Ozzy for getting me through. so many of your songs relate to different times in my life. You are amazing. Side note: My five year old grandson's favorite is "Life Won't Wait" When Ozzy stands on the bridge and waves Max waves back.

IT'S A GOOD ALBUM, BUT IS NOT ONE OF THE BEST BECAUSE MISSING Zakk Wylde! Is very different from the others and I also love others.

hii i love ozzy osbourne hes the greatest rocker eva i havent like any other singer but ozzy for atleast 5 five years not one time did i stop likeing ozzy osbourne i learned of him wen he was in newberg and kelly was in rehab in newberg OR and he was i fredmyres and i was in fredmyers 2 i was soo coool but wat sucked was i dnt kno about ozzy but if i did now i i would love for t to happen again i love ozzy osbourne

holy jesus on fire the ozzy date with slash 2 18 2011 was smokin hot sober at that aparently so was ozzy the new band are freaky wierd sharon had to of had alot to do with the band and tour god blees you ozzy fan since 1970

I was very disappointed with this album. There is NO reason teh guitars should drop out so Ozzy can sing. He still has an amazing voice. Tell teh mixer to make it a little more even on the tones. (guitar:vocals)

I love this album it is as well as Blizzard of Oz.
But my personal favorite album will ever be No More Tears.

This has been the best album to date! Love Ozzy no matter what! Been listening to him since the 60's and gets better all the time. Songs I like r Life won't Wait,Let it Die,and of course Scream.

my favorite Ozzy Album ► Scream ♫ rock's!!!! ^^