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Scream return to discography

return to discography
Released: 2010



Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Let It Die
2 Play Track Let Me Hear You Scream
3 Play Track Soul Sucker
4 Play Track Life Won't Wait
5 Play Track Diggin' Me Down
6 Play Track Crucify
7 Play Track Fearless
8 Play Track Time
9 Play Track I Want It More
10 Play Track Latimer's Mercy
11 Play Track I Love You All


Love the new album, saw ozzy on 29th at lea's cliff and the whole place went up when he played let me hear you scream, was just amazing! thanks for the music ozzy

Love the new album, saw ozzy on 29th at lea's cliff and the whole place went up when he played let me hear you scream, was just amazing! thanks for the music ozzy

Ozzy, you are the one and only Prince of Darkness and i love all of your work "scream" was the first cd i bought from your collection but i plan on expanding. i prefer much of your old work from "Blizzard of Ozz", "Diary of a Madman", "Bark at the Moon", and "The Ultimate Sin" in particular but your new work is still really good. im just a kid but i love your music and respect you and your family a lot and it is my dream to one day be a roadie for you and your band. but im getting ahead of myself haha back to the album. the only song i find really weak is "I Love You All" its only a minute long and there isnt much to it and while i think it is a cool song, its almost like you're talking to your fans, friends, and family through your music which is a cool idea but i wish that there was more to the song. i mean you sing 4 verses, there are no guitar or drum solos, and the rifts, bridges, tembo, and feel never change once for the whole song. and while it is a cool song i just wish there was more to it. but my favorite songs are "Let Me Hear You Scream", Diggin Me Down", and "Fearless". but over all Ozzy you did an awesom job with this album and you have my personal thanks for keeping heavy metal alive and strong the amount of work you put into your music and the way you play is incredible and is not found in many bands nowadays. and while there are exceptions or example "Disturbed" is awesom but everyone knows that you and older bands like Metallica, Slayer, AC/DC, KISS, Iron Maiden and many others are the TRUE lords of rock and heavy metal. give my best to Sharon, Jack, and Kelly. keep on rockin Ozzy ROCK N' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go way back Ozzy. I am so proud of all my metal family! Check out ASYLUM by Disturbed coming in August!I have nearly everything by you! Love, bettayetta- http://Disturbed1.com/community

I love you Ozzy! Wish you and your family the best! Thanks for the grat music and Godbless!

ozzy's new album of this best every time out best in their concert ue gstaria me get started with that "let me hear you scream" That would be wonderful and crazy and i the video and this little mother

I hope U never stop RAWKIN' Ozzy! I've been a HUGE fan since I was 12 years old. So much that I tattoo'd OZZY on my knuckles just like yours!!!
I freakin LUV the new CD!"I Want it More" is one of my fav's. And is exactly want I want...MORE OZZY...HELL YEAH!!!

Ozzy you helped me thru high school...i would come home go up stairs and put on ultimate sin alblum..an do my home work..i always tell people..your like god and KISS are you deciples...lol

ozzy , you are the master
there is no other than you,
the mrs bonz

I will be tripping over myself to get this album....thanks Ozzy for hangin' in there...by the way I loved your book, I read it in two sittings....best wishes and I hope you keep rockin another 40+ years...