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Released: 2010



Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Let It Die
2 Play Track Let Me Hear You Scream
3 Play Track Soul Sucker
4 Play Track Life Won't Wait
5 Play Track Diggin' Me Down
6 Play Track Crucify
7 Play Track Fearless
8 Play Track Time
9 Play Track I Want It More
10 Play Track Latimer's Mercy
11 Play Track I Love You All


jaime bien scream!!!

de best music vrsiment!!!!

This is one of my favorite albums. Ozzy's voice sounds great in all of his songs, and each song is amazing. My favorite song off the album is "Let Me Hear You Scream." Definitely buy this album. You won't regret it!
Keep on rockin' Ozzy!

I listened to "Let It Die" while I wrote this.

I have a theory that anyone can apply this to their lives without changing personal beliefs.

I should be able to provide for my family with no outside assistance.

Step 1. I should not grow my family larger than I can care for.

Step 2. I should save what I can spare.

IF I have saved enough for later.

Step 1. I should spend what I can spare, to help others learn to provide for their families.

Step 2. If someone comes to my door I should give up what I can spare. I can always save up again.

Step 3. If I can teach others to save enough for later, they can teach others to do the same.

If we all have saved for what we may need, what do we do with what we can spare?

Step 1. No one has to kill anyone to survive a disaster. What I can spare is given for the asking, according to need.

Step 2. I could use part of what I can spare to fund my government.

Government should work like my family.

Government should protect the rights of life and liberty for people with donated funds.

Step 1. Government should not grow larger than it can afford using only charity.

Step 2. Government should save what it can spare for emergencies.

IF the government has saved enough for emergencies.

Step 1. Government should spend what it can spare to help other governments.

Step 2. If other governments come to us we should give what we can spare to help. We can always save up again.

Step 3. If we can teach other governments to save what they can spare, and later to save enough, they can teach others to do the same.

If we all have saved enough, and are giving what we can spare.

Step 1. No one has to WAR with anyone to survive a disaster. What we can spare is there for the asking.

Step 2. If more people learn to do it, they need less government.

Step 3. We should always work to using the least amount of government possible.

If anyone would like to help discuss this I am all ears.

Could this idea change the world?

I just wanna Scream!!! Ozzy is so Ozzome, he just never ceases to amaze me. Love this album, Soul Sucker, Life wont wait, and Scream of course. Seen him in Clevelan on the 5th, and again, he was Ozzome!!! There's not a song he's ever put out that i dont like! Thank you Ozzy, Love you!!

Hail Ozzy,
Tonight will be my fourth time to see you in concert. First time was 24 years ago in Battle Creek MI.
I also seen both legs of the Sabbath reunion tour at the Van Andel. Your new album rocks!!. My wife is comming with me, this is her first concert. I probably don't need to ask this Ozzy but, blow the roof off the place tonight lol. Take care Ozzy and see you tonight!

I have really been enjoying your new stuff. I have been forwarding a few cuts to friends who will be going to see you in Grand Rapids tomorrow. It's colder than s*** up there today, so we are counting you and the boys to set the place on fire. See you there.

George M. W.

From the opening chords of "Let It Die" it's clear that Ozzy is back on top form. The quality doesn't drop through the album and every track is a killer. This is one of the finest albums of 2010- and there were a LOT of great albums released this year. Comfortably amongst the best stuff Ozzy has done and it's great to see he still has what it takes to be at the top. Zakk is missed, but in Gus G there is a wonderful new guitar hero who is more than capable of playing the quality guitar work that Ozzy's music demands.

An essential album!

Great new tunes. I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday. I look forward to seeing you in Grand Rapids next week.

In 1988 my 4 year old daughter was absolutely fascinated with you. Over the summer both my 4 and 7 year old daughters listened endlessly to Blizzard of OZ, Diary of a Mad Man, and Bark at the Moon. In the fall of that year my 4 year old was excited beyond belief to hear you were coming to Philadelphia. We bought tickets to the show. After studying your "Bark at the Moon" album cover for several days, she got a little worried and thought we really should not go. Since then she has often regretted she talked me out of taking her. A month ago she bought me tickets for your show in Grand Rapids, as my birthday present. Is there any way possible My 2 daughters and I could get a picture with you in Grand Rapids on Dec, 7th


George, Ashley & Danyelle Wright
User Name: Ge Melvin

It´s really, really amazing album. I´ve had it since july and listen it every day! Thanks for this and Good Luck for another albums...;)