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A cautionary note about buying OZZFEST tickets:

When purchasing tickets from outside sources (like Ebay) for this year’s OZZFEST, please be aware that there is no guarantee that those tickets are legitimate and will gain you entry to OZZFEST. Unfortunately, there are instances where people are just looking to make a quick buck and may do any of the following (either innocently or deliberately):

There is no guarantee the seller is not selling multiple copies of the same tickets or may have innocently revealed their barcode online for others to copy. Only the person who first presents the ticket barcode will get through the doors. All others using the same barcode will be denied.

So please be careful when purchasing tickets and try not to let this happen to you.

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I know it is past but I hope someone in the OZZ camp reads this. The computer -get your tickets free- was a DISASTER! I sat and my computer and tried and tried. Actually got seats assigned only to be told the transaction had to be completed in 2 minutes but the page never forwarded and after 5 minutes went into error. What a shambles. Told to start all over AGAIN. If you do this again, get a reputable site that can handle the traffic or do only certain venues on different days. I would have preferred to just buy the tickets. I would have had a better chance. Thanks for listening.

If the tix said "not for resale" on them then why didn't Ozzy's people do something about the thousands of tix being sold (illegally, in some states) on Ebay? If Ebay listings were taken down then the tix would basically be worthless and the show would be free again. For all the people complaining about how they could never afford to go, what's wrong with lawn seats? They're cheap. I don't know about you, but I don't consider it free when I have to waste hours of time on a crappy website that can't handle the traffic just for a CHANCE at tickets. It was a nice idea but just isn't practical.

I am an educated woman and followed directions, still didn't get tickets

I went out of my way to get tickets to take my 17 year old son( Ozzy is the only thing we have in common) , couldn't get them on line a s much as we tried and can't afford to get them beyond that. ozzy has been a part of my life since I was 13, somehow, someway I'll get tickets!! Ozzy has rocked my world forever and his family has just made it that much more!! I will find a way to take my son!!

this kid is awesome- he's in the marine corps.-sings his ass off -fire and passion just listen to the song that comes up on the site---amazing--this kid has some chops---fire & plenty of passion--thanks--you won't be sorry

have a few xtra tix 4 show contact me at tazzy694me@yahoo.com 4 info

if you have selected regular mail and have not received your tickets within 72 hours of the event you must alert live nation tickets of that conditon. to report tickets not recieved in the mail , please contact ticketsupport@livenation.com (again, at least 72 hours prior to the event) or call live nation tickets customer support at 1-800-431-3462 monday thru satruday from 10 am to 5 pm eastern standard time. for additional information on this policy please refer to terms and conditions at http://www.nettix.com/next/online/terms.html

I paid 70.00 a ticket for Ozzfest. So where are my tickets? They charged my credit card over 2 weeks ago, said they would be shipped standard mail, they should be here by now? Did livenation rip me off?