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BLACK RAIN In Stores Today!

The wait is over! OZZY's New CD BLACK RAIN is available everywhere today! CLICK HERE to order it NOW!

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Ozzy You rock! I have loved your music from the begining. You Rock. The pictures, book, etc that some are b****ing about are great. Wouldn't change a thing. I heard the new song on the radio before it was released. My son was there the first day it was on sale and made sure to get one. we both love your music. Don't ever stop!

Im a Huge OZZY FAN! and I was missing him. Yesterday I heard the song Dont wanna stop on the radio and recognize his voice inmediatly! I jump of excitement cause I really like his music and once I got out of my job I went straight to the store and bought the CD, I was amazed about this new release! Since I live in Puerto Rico we dont hear much about new USA releases but Im happy with my new acquisition. OZZY keep it up you are the best the FATHER of METAL! I will always be a huge fan from Puerto Rico and I hope to one day see you in a presentation in person!

Take care Ozzy, my best wishes for you and your family!
Victor From Puerto Rico


I think tht this album is great, my favourite yet, good songs tht i will never get tired of, good job.....AVIT...LOL

Bravo....Bravo OZZY

You did it again the Black Rain Album is rocking....Love it

Don't stop Ozzy we need you

Thank you Sharron to be behind this great man

We love you xoxo

The french Rockers Mon & Mike

from Gatineau Quebec (Canada)

Ozzy, you have created an album that rivals NO MORE TEARS. the best since then anyway. Every song on this album is solid and every song is hard rockin. This is an instant must have album for Ozzy fans and metal lovers. Ozzy is still ahead of his field, showing new metal bands how it's done. Zakk contiues to get better and better on each new album he does and the whole band kicks ass.

In short Ozzy and band, don't go away. We, the fans need you. We the fans need your music. what have we got after you go.

Love you Oz


I just bought Black Rain and I think it totally rocks!!!!!!!! As for the people that have been knocking his cd cover....I don't know what their problem is? The cd cover is awesome and the songs are bloody unreal!!!!
Ozzy you are truely THE Master of Metal !!!! God Bless You !!!!!!!!!!
Love Always your Devoted Fan!!

Hope to get the CD this week since I cant go to OzzFest lol.

I love your music Ozzy!!!

this album f***in rules
all fired up im gonna go till i drop i dont know what im doing all i know is i dont wanna stop!

Hey Everyone,

Where as his last album was very influenced by the Beatles, it sounds like this time around Ozzy's been listening to Nine Inch Nails and Elton John and the result is amazing.

A little too preachie on the environment, anti-war and anti-corporate message (didn't Ozzy just have a big TV show on MTV / Viacom?), but overall, another fantastic release from the Ozzman.

On Black Rain, you can hear Zakk get back into his heavy riffs and many of the song structures will remind you of Sabbath-era compositions.

The new album highlights are The Almighty Dollar and Lay your World on Me. Fans, enjoy!