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BLACK RAIN In Stores Today!

The wait is over! OZZY's New CD BLACK RAIN is available everywhere today! CLICK HERE to order it NOW!

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Ozzy rocks on!

"I Don't Wanna Stop" reminds me a lot of "Tattoo Dancer", but it's still a good song.

Black Rain reminds me of the old Ozzy that I grew up with. Haven't listened to the others yet, but I'm anxious to after reading these comments.

Great job Ozzy! See you at the OZZFEST once again!!! OH YEAH!!!

"You Can't Kill Rock -n- Roll!"
-- OzzY OsbournE

I Got THat CD As Soon As I Got Outta School On The 22nd. ANd I Have To Say Its The Heaviest CD Ive Ever Heard Ozzy Do. NICE f***IN JOB MAN!

my god what a great song
I need to hear it live
ozzy put this song on the playlist

Your song is terrific ... nothing much to say :)

Fantastic Music, but the packaging sucks! Give me a case I can put on my shelves with the rest of my discs. Envronmentally Friendly my ass, who cares? Give me plastic, what do you think this case is going to look like in 10 years. A book with a picture wouldn't kill anyone either. Love the disc though. Zakk Rules!!

Worth the six year waite . Every track is fantastic .

I love the uncoated recycled, simple package- you can read the lyrics here! It goes with the theme of the album. Love the new logo too!! Album is sick, keep em coming Ozzy!!!

I love Black Rain.
Ozzy really rocks.
Great songs and great band.

Fabiano Negri - Singer

I love this album. A taste of the new with a touch of the old. Great work! I can't wait to see you in Dallas in August!

I have only heard i don't wanna stop song from black rain album, but when i heard first notes..I think it sounds like old black sabbath and Ozzy is going back to his roots..I play that song many times a day and i remember all the lyrics and i cant wait to buy whole record.

Road to nowhere leads to me..