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BLACK RAIN Lyrics & Credits

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I dont want to stop is the best song that Ozzy made. Rock on Ozzy rock on!!!!!!!!!

ozzy is best

ozzy f***in rules

Mattman, you are totally right. The Ozzman has came again! It has been a long wait but definitely worth it. Like I told Hoongood it is classic Ozzy. None can replace Randy Rhodes however hats off to Zakk because he does a remarkable job. A person would have to be crazy not to love this. Ozzy definitely knows what he is doing, and I don't want him to stop!!!! Keep going over the top Ozzy! Old school rules and will live forever! Keep rockin Ozzy!!

ozzy has done it again... yet another great cd filled with awesome tunes from the great one.... ozzy f***in osbourne

This album rocks so hard.This is the album that should have came out after Diary Of A Madman.There will never be another Randy Rhodes,but Zakk is so close its scary.I especially like the thinly veiled Iraq references in the title track.Lyrically Ozzy seems to have something to say and seems a little pissed off.Musically It just shreds.Ozzy if you read this please dont make me wait 6 more years.We all love you.

Dear dissappointed are you just retarded or what?Zakk is all over this album and it is some of the best stuff Ive heard in years.I have been a die hard Ozzy fan since 1980 so therefore I feel qualified to make that statement.And the fact that Ozzfest is free this year cudos to Ozzy I loved him before and even more now.

Another unbelievable album sir!

this album is truelly kick ass!!!!!Ranks in my opion with paraniod.Ozzy truely is the godfater of rock!Long live the Ozzman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "Prince of Darkness" has finally returned to the throne of his "Black Reign" over the world of Rock & Roll with the release of his thunderous, long awaited and much anticipated "Black Rain"! Every track a "perfect storm" & evilly delicious!

J.H. Robertson

Hoongood apparently you have not watched the new video, or prehaps have not seen the song performed live. If Zak Wylde got any more involved on the song he would not be able to keep strings on his ax. He does a fabulous job and he is very much involved. I have been a Ozzy fan for most of his career. I knew there would never be another Randy Rhodes but Zak Wylde rocks! This new music is hard and is classic Ozzy!!!! All aboard, Ozzy is on another rise!!!